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Often we hear stories of women who have been screwed over by men. From those stories there are some that are especially frustrating, the story of the girl who keeps getting screwed over by not men, but a man! You wonder how such a beautiful and wonderful girl can be so consumed by a dirt ball and his actions. All the signs not only seem obvious, but are pointing to one conclusion, DUMP THE JERK! Right!?!

Wrong! and why? Because women are too forgiving. They live in the hope that he may or can change. They dig themselves in holes that only time makes bigger. If women were wise with their initial feelings, were more inclined to putting a halt to bad behaviors instead of forgiving them, and realize that their fantasies of what they believe or want him to be are simply it, a fantasy, they can finally put a halt to the misery of a broken heart.

In no way is this site intended to bash men. In fact, there are some wonderful gentlemen that roam this earth. This site is intended to condemn the actions of dirtballs and strengthen women to be unforgiving to certain behaviors. It is easy to spot or learn the red flags, but how we respond to these red flags is what's difficult. With this website you are given the opportunity to learn about the red flags and put your knowledge to the test. It's easy to know the red flags, but when it come down to it, will you be strong enough to respond to these red flags correctly? There's only one way to find out, take the quizzes!

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