Lesson 1-The Do's

Catch the warning signs early in the game! When on a date he should:

Pay for all the tabs (drinks, event, dinner, etc…)

  • If you are paying for the tab for the first, second, and third date, get out.

  • If they are doing the inviting and they don’t pay, get out!

I know that times have changed, and women are more independent now, but regardless, men still need to be gentlemen, and they still have to work hard for a prized possession. Women are not to be taken for granted or lightly. We are givers, but we can’t give of ourselves until we know that they are willing to sacrifice a little for us. Don’t get stuck in a relationship where all you do is give, and all they do is take. You will find yourself in a very deep hole. Read the signs early. THEY PAY!!! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Take the time to get to know you and not feel you up.

If you notice that they are trying too hard to make the perfect situation to feel you up, instead of getting to know you. Then they just want you for your body and nothing else.

Here is how you know:

  • A date that encourages conversation is good. Dinner, walks through parks, the beach, and/or a trip to the zoo, an amusement park, hiking, coffee, etc…It gives both a chance to get to KNOW each other.

  • A date that does not encourage conversation: A movie on the first, second, or third date is a NO! You can’t get to know someone on a movie date. But you can sure get some action on a movie date.

  • Going over his place on the first, second, or third date as a date. Now, I don’t mean that you can’t stop by and visit to drop off something or maybe as a meeting place, but not a date. If he wants you to come over his place, he has only one thing in mind. Once in his place you are in his domain, and a glass of wine a little sweet talking and boom, you will end up in places you never even expected without ever having the chance of getting to know the dude. If you want a one night fling, be my guest. But usually once a guy has done it with you, they got what they wanted and you no longer remain a mystery to them, and no longer a person of interest or pursuit.

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