Dating Do’s

  • He shouldn’t act distracted during a date. He should not be picking up his cell phone, checking out waiting staff, looking over your head in conversation. Nothing shows a greater lack of interest.

  • Don't turn your date into a therapy session. No talks about yours or his insecurities, family drama, exes, etc…

  • They shouldn’t act pretentious. Nobody is perfect and nothing is more annoying than someone who acts like they are.

  • He should not agree for the sake of agreeing. The point of a date is to get to know someone, how can you do that when he agrees with everything you say. Plus, women need the security that a man can stand his ground from time to time. A little disagreement is okay. An intellectual argument can be stimulating.

  • He should not try to make any uninvited physical advances. There are so many different opinions on what is acceptable, physically, on a date. Once in a date he should be able to understand your feelings and where they land. If you are more conservative then he should respect that, if you are ready of a kiss, give him some hints and see that he responds. If he does not respond and you have been giving all the clues possible, then maybe he is not that into you. To be safe, keep the first date PG. There is nothing worse than a first date with too much PDA (public displays of affection). It's sort of like they are staking their claim, which is a major turn-off.

  • Don't consume large amounts of alcohol. If you must drink, stick with one beer or glass of wine. If he is trying to get you drunk, then he is not looking for a second date, he is trying to get a one night stand. If he is getting drunk, then it is a good indication that he is not that into you.

He must Follow up with your date. He should call or email you to let you know that he had a good time. It's simply a courtesy. You should do the same.

Crack jokes. Loosen up! Not only will this put your date at ease, it will show that he has a good sense of humor.

Discuss heavier topics. Let's face it, some people SHOULD stick to small talk, but if you're informed on a topic, go ahead and discuss it.

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