Lesson 3-Mr. Wrong

He is Mr. Wrong When...

  • He “forgets” to bring money on your first date.

  • He thinks you’ll be impressed when he tells you his ex-girlfriends were hot.

  • He’s had more jobs in the last few years than you have pairs of shoes.

  • His idea of celebrating your birthday doesn’t involve you.

  • He spends a lot of time checking himself out in the mirror.

  • He air fists when dancing.

  • Has a lot of hair gel, and gets extremely mad if anything were to touch it.

  • His mom calls to help patch things up when you’re in a fight with him.

  • His idea of gourmet cooking is thawing a frozen pizza.

  • He picks you up for an 8pm date… at 1am.

  • He constantly flakes on dates.

  • You’re constantly making excuses for why he “really is” Mr. Right when he’s really acting like a jerk.

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