Knowing the Red Flags

What one person sees as a red flag, may not be so for another; however, there are some red flags that are not disputable! Examples of disputable red flags include not dating someone because of his political affiliations. Political affiliations is a preference that one may want in a partner, but it's not a red flag! You may chose not to date a democrat, republican, independent, etc...but political affiliations do not determine how you will be treated.

The lessons you are about to embark on teach women what red flags to be aware of and how to avoid being disrespected or taken advantage of in the future. For some, the lessons are nothing but common sense, but put these lessons to the test and let's see how well you do when responding to the red flags. If you pass the exam then you are well on your way.

Click on one of the lessons below to learn about the Red Flags. Once you have finished the lessons test your knowledge by taking a quiz.

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