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  • Video#1:Tribute to Guayasamin

    Guayasamin is a world renowned artist from Ecuador. For an After Effects school project I decided to bring his art to life through animation. I accompanied this project to the music of Imogen Heap.

  • Video#2: Fears of the Dark Sound Design

    I created my take on the sound Design for Fears of the Dark. I used all stalk sounds and composed my project in Pro Tools. This was a school project for Sound Design paired to the trailer for Fears of the Dark.

  • Video#3: Kitchen

    This was a school project that I had done for an After Effects Class. It contains basic movements and transitions. All illustrations were created by me in Adobe Illustrator. I also created the Food Network Logo with Illustrator as well. The sounds used are all stock sounds.

  • Video#4: Tribute to Audrey Hepburn

    This was one of my first project using Final Cut. I compiled clips from Audrey Hepburn classical films such as My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, and When in Rome. All video clips are played to the song Killer Queen by Queen.

  • Video#5: Avenida Revolucion

    This project was a group effort built from both original and borrowed footage. We were very fortunate to have Chickenfoot's permission to use their song. The technology used to complete this project includes ProTools, After Effects, and Final Cut.